Turn Into, Hope I Do, Turn Into You

My view all day, everyday.
Taken with my film camera
, shortly after ran into Americas Best Dance Crew. I've been insanely
busy with school; writing scripts, performing arts, and of course doing insane prosthetics makeup. Im not gonna lie, I love every second of it. Like they say, Dyslexia is the sickness that I embrace; Because when it's left, I see right and in my right there's endless possibilities. By mid day, I'm recumbent and day dreaming. Last night was an exception, hungout at Space15Twenty for late art and shopping. Came up on a zipper romper for spring, a headpiece, and cut up shorts. I won't be in bed this weekend thats for sure, hanging out with the people I miss most, good times. xo

LA traffic will be the death of me. Resolution savior = bomb mixed cds.

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pete, yah said...

noice photos!

meliindaa. said...

whoa i like the effect of the pics!

Karla said...

oh I miss L.A! I was in cali 2 years ago for a month can't wait to go back!

great blog!


Yuka said...

hey girl! lets trade links?

aughh i live in downtown. i feel you on the traffic!

xo. <3

Yuka said...

k i added you to my links <3

Jack Daniel said...

wow, such nice pictures!