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I apologize for the lack of updates on here that I've yet to post daily, there's barely enough time in a day.

Yesterday was the beginning front to sense chills from the breeze. I cheered on the street of LaBrea when felt, considering I was digging through piles of clothes and upon came this ambush of wind picking up the flow of my dress. It's here and it's here to stay. Fall is my favorite season and I need more where that came from. My brother thinks that I'm this punk turned british muse because I puncture studs into my daily outfits, not to mention the pins I rep on my sleeves. Like they say, satisfaction is guaranteed. Also, the perks of having friends in SF to sleep on their floor comes in handy considering Treasure Island is in 2 weeks and I've nearly decided to purchase tickets. RANT: In all resentment when saying this but having newbies approach Sharpe is an utter annoyance by thought, "Home" is officially overplayed / a sellout song. On a lighter note, here is a
series of pics from a shoot that I did the makeup for with Kristen & the lovely Jaala Pickering. Ciao xo

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CHICMUSE said...



kr!sta said...

gorgeous model!!!! perhaps one of the best ive ever seen. you did a wonderful job.


kr!sta said...

Ps. what blouse if that from? the lace and color is beautiful and i want it!

Jowy said...

Loving these freespirited bohemenienne pics!

One Love,

mom & son said...

great editorials!
i like all photos!


Genevieve said...

BEBE blouse

Yuka said...

you find the best photos.

ps i thought u were coming to downtown last week?? :(

Ashley said...

Beautiful photos. Love your header too!


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Lovely post. Great editorial and I love your header as well!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

lovely photos!

Bella said...

These shots are gor-geous, and the styling is amazing! xx