Mais La Vie Est Un Rêve

Music Monday; Look Into The Air by Explosions In The Sky takes a diverse relaxation in your body.
Coffee, reading, & unexpected visits is a sum up of today. Plus, catching up on my fave tv shows. Thank god for OnDemand,
I missed my 30 minute usual of Bored to Death last night due to late night hangouts, which calls for a lazy cuddle day
sinking in my bed & covered in sheets while I daze over the nerdy Jason Schwartzmen. xo

5 commentaire:

Coconuts and Coppertone said...

first and last pictures are kind of fantastic

Annie said...

These photos are all amazing. And I love your header, it's so crazy!

Wendy said...

The first photo is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

SO inspiring!! x

Dominique said...

Beautiful pics. And I L O V E your header!

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