For the inquisitive motherfuckers; I've been impregnated with a new concept, "On the third day I rise." It's made sense on account of this past week I've been out & about everyday thus relaxed on the other two. Not to mention a last minute visit to the heist and ever so pre-gaming it before with beer and chasers. On the following morning; katrina & I went to lacma for art and tacos, in consequence of the fact that it was free considering keith offered, followed with a night of good company at joyrich aka mature crowd and utterance. The rest of the weekend dwelled with thrifting, spiffy dinners, studying for my midterm this Tuesday, and watching the superbowl with the guys.

In completion to that, I've come to conclusion further being a makeup artist is open access for goodies. In my hands is the contemporary hello kitty line from MAC which doesn't hit the stands until 2 weeks from now, however, I'm in possession of the entire set. Kudos for me.

Btw, does anyone else think thee LV spring collection was done beautifully? I'm utterly infatuated with those high heeled kicks & touched how they used a song by Edith Piaf on the catwalk.

3 commentaire:

Leanna said...

Mmmmm! I agree about the collection!
And yes, Edith is always a pleasure.

kr!sta said...

do my makeup soon please. <3 -k

N.B. said...

I'm crazy about those feather skirts.